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  • Procountor 's new version 22.0 has been released on 25 November 2017. Read more about the new features from the release notes.
  • We have added a new report to our graphical reports: Management Reporting. In this report Income statement and Balance Sheet are presented in a visual way to help you get a picture of the company's finances. Management Reporting can be found at Procountor's Reports menu.
  • It is now possible in Procountor to take the payment based VAT into use and at the same time use accrual based accounting. After a law change in January 2017, small companies with turnover up to 500.000 € are eligible for payment based VAT handling. The payment based VAT can be used only to Finnish domestic sales or purchases. Not for example to EU sales and purchases.
  • Payment run schedules have been changed. Bank transfer payments are sent by Procountor at 5:30, 10:00 a.m., and 12:00, 2:00, 4:15, and 5:08 p.m. Read more of payments here.

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Tip of the Week

When the Employees’ Pension Act contract (TyEL contract) changes, you must make the corresponding changes in Procountor.

Save the new TyEL contract by clicking on the Add button in Management > Salary information > Employees’ Pension Act contracts.

You must also update employee information based on the new contract, so that the information on future Employees’ Pension Act notices will be correct. You can do this at Salaries > Employee information.

You can select all employees whose TyEL contracts you wish to change (Edit multiple salary informations) at once from the search results. Once you have selected the employees you wish to edit, click on Edit selected in order to change their TyEL contracts.

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Version 22.0

  • In version 22.0 we launched a direct tax card transfer service that can be used to request the details of tax cards valid from February 1.
  • The option to compare the income statement and balance sheet with a budget uploaded into the environment has been added to Management reporting.
  • In this version release we have added a functionality for previewing purchase invoice and examining its attachments. The functionality is opened/closed from the top right corner of the purchase invoice view.

Read more about the update from our release notes.

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